The Fondation Beyeler, the municipality of Riehen, Vitra and the town of Weil am Rhein are jointly responsible for the development of the «24 Stops» concept and its implementation along the Rehberger-Weg. The Swiss watchmaker Swatch is generously supporting the project as the Presenting Partner and enabled the production of the 24 Stops waymarkers that line the Rehberger-Weg. The «24 Stops» playfully combine the themes of nature, culture, art, architecture and design, serving as a symbol of the region’s beauty but also reflecting the strengths of the various partners participating in the project.

The watchmaker Swatch founded by the entrepreneur Nicolas G. Hayek is known for its creative partnerships as well as its dedication to the promotion of contemporary art and artists. With millions of creative Swatch watches, the Swiss watchmaker has built what may be the world’s largest art gallery on the wrist. As a museum for modern and contemporary art, the Fondation Beyeler seeks to achieve a harmonious fusion of art, architecture and nature. It is the most visited art museum in all of Switzerland.

The Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein is a unique ensemble of contemporary architecture, bringing together the commercial and cultural strengths of the furniture manufacturer in one location. The production site has become a central point of contact for design and architecture enthusiasts from around the world. With the Campus and the Museum, Vitra presents the past and present of design in the context of architecture, art and everyday culture. The municipality of Riehen is an oasis of cultured living, situated in a dynamic cultural landscape between Basel and the German border. The international art scene and regional culture are equally present in the idyllic natural landscape of Riehen. The town of Weil am Rhein – the “Dorf am Schlipf” (Village by the Landslide) at the tripoint where three countries meet – is a vital commercial centre surrounded by vineyards, which has gained a reputation as the “city of chairs” thanks to the Vitra company’s presence.




Swatch & Art

Swatch, launched in 1983 by Nicolas G. Hayek, is renowned for its creative partnerships and strong support for art, artists and young talents across the broad spectrum of contemporary art. For more than 30 years, Swatch has invited painters, photographers, filmmakers, sculptors, fashion designers and others from a wide range of disciplines to create art on “the world’s smallest canvas”. By taking its amazing Swatch watches to millions around the world, the Swiss watchmaker has built what may be the world’s largest art gallery on the wrist. Convinced that artists can make the world a better place, today Swatch runs The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai, where artists from around the world are provided accommodation and studio space to create in total freedom.



The idea of a cross-border path was initiated in the context of IBA Basel 2020. IBA Basel is a labelling process that seeks to promote close ties within the region but also broaden the region’s wider impact through the realization of significant, outstanding projects. 

The project «24 Stops» fulfills all criteria of IBA Basel to its full extent and was awarded. Here you can find impressions of the ceremonious presentation of the IBA Label on 16th October 2016 along the Rehberger-Weg.

More information about the IBA Basel Expo on the Vitra Campus 01.05. - 06.06.2021 can be found here.