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Tram route 8 (towards «Weil am Rhein» from Bahnhof SBB, Barfüsserplatz, Claraplatz, Kleinhüningen) to the terminal stop «Weil am Rhein Bahnhof/Zentrum», follow signs for the Vitra Campus (approx. 10 min. walk)

Bus route 55 (towards «Kandern» from Claraplatz, Badischer Bahnhof) to the «Vitra» stop

Deutsche Bahn trains to the station in Weil am Rhein or the station in Haltingen (approx. 15 min. walk from either station) 


A5 Karlsruhe – Basel, exit 69 at «Weil am Rhein», then E35 towards Riehen

GPS coordinates 47.601843, 7.618743

° Getting from the Vitra Campus to Fondation Beyeler


Bus route 55 or 12 from the «Vitra» stop to «Läublinpark» or «Rathaus», transfer to bus route 6 or 16 to «Riehen Weilstrasse» (total of approx. 30-45 minutes)

Bus route 55 to «Badischer Bahnhof», transfer to tram route 2 or 6 to «Fondation Beyeler» (travel time approx. 30 minutes)

Busfahrplan 2023Here you can find detailed information on the timetable


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From the Basel city centre: 
Tram route 6 (towards «Riehen») to the «Fondation Beyeler» stop

S-Bahn route 6 (towards «Zell im Wiesental») to the «Riehen» stop


A5 Karlsruhe – Basel, exit 69 at «Weil am Rhein», then E35 towards «Riehen»

A2 Basel, exit at “Badischer Bahnhof”
GPS coordinates 47.591078, 7.651187

° Getting from Fondation Beyeler to the Vitra Campus


Bus route 6 or 16 from «Riehen Weilstrasse» to «Läublinpark» or «Rathhaus», transfer to route 55 to «Vitra» (total of approx. 30-45 minutes)

Tram route 6 to «Badischer Bahnhof», transfer to bus route 55 to «Vitra» (travel time approx. 30 minutes)

Here you can find detailed information on the timetable

° Additional information  

Alternative options for joining path
S-Bahn station «Weil Ost» on S-Bahn route S5 («Weil am Rhein» – «Steinen») is located near waymarker 11. Bus route 6 also travels alongside sections of the path. 


In some cases, the paths through the vineyards on the Weil am Rhein side are hilly and not surfaced in asphalt.

Taxi service, Weil am Rhein
+49 7621 799 111
+49 7621 760 60

Taxi service, Basel 
+41 61 333 33 33
+41 61 777 77 77

The complete timetable and exact departure times for public transport services can be found at or